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World-class knowledge

After thirteen years of research, JonDeTech possesses world-leading know-how in vertically configured nanotechnological IR sensors in plastic. Today’s product can measure heat radiation, which can be used for a number of different applications, including to make electronics and buildings more energy efficient. 

Research has begun in order to be able to develop applications in the future that will be able to extend battery times by generating power using, for example, body heat.

Ny teknik

A steadily growing future market

Sensors are used more and more for various functions in consumer electronics as well as in robots, buildings, cars and more to, for example, collect data or make energy consumption or ventilation more efficient.

For a couple of years, the sensor market has grown strongly and stably. The demands on sensor manufacturers to be able to produce higher volumes with cheaper sensors will only continue.

We see today that large consumer electronics companies develop applications to optimize battery life by turning off the screen in laptops, tablets and mobile phones if no individual is in front of it. Gartner’s forecast testifies to a stable market for these products with a production of approximately 2.1 billion units per year until 2021.

Strategy and the way forward

Take part in our strategy that paves the way for the future of sensor technology and brings us closer to our goal of transforming the way the world perceives and uses advanced sensors.

Go to market strategy

JonDeTech’s strategy is based on a synergistic model where we use strategic partnerships, distribution and local agency to streamline our global reach and reduce operational costs. 

By partnering with resellers and integrators, we leverage their sales channels to broaden our market share.  .

Scalable business model

JonDeTech’s sensors can be integrated into a wide flora of products, in a number of different areas. Regardless of whether the customers are module manufacturers or ODM/OEM companies, the manufacturing takes place through so-called fabless production – which means that the manufacturing itself is outsourced. Our production takes place in close collaboration with a few selected subcontractors. All sub-processes in production are outsourced to these subcontractors according to a structure that ensures the protection of the critical know-how that constitutes the company’s main competitive advantage.

Suppliermodel & customer segment

As a supplier of sensors, JonDeTech is part of a larger ecosystem of customers, producers and suppliers – where collaboration and partnership are necessary components to create value and business opportunities for both JonDeTech and end consumers. Our customers, direct and indirect, are above all

  • Module or component manufacturers (global companies that produce and supply sensor modules or sensor components),
  • Contract manufacturers (so-called ODM = Original Design Manufacturers) of consumer electronics and medical technology, as well as
  • Producers (so-called OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturers) who produce and sell, for example, consumer electronics under their own brands.


JonDeTech has long worked on establishing partnerships with companies that can add valuable know-how. An example of this is Varioprint, which is an important partner in the development of JIRS30, while a good example of collaboration partners in sales work is Ofilm, which early verified certain areas of use for JIRS30.

Examples of recent collaborations are the letter of intent signed in 2022 with the sensor company Shanghai Sunshine Technologies Co. about jointly developing a prototype of an application for JonDeTech’s patented “Thermal Painter”, which can create thermal images in a smartphone and thus turn the mobile into a thermal camera.