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Explore the potential of our IR sensors – where precision meets innovation to create smarter and more sustainable technology solutions.​

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Discover our advanced products that offer unparalleled
sensitivity and precision for measuring infrared radiation and heatflux,
opening up innovative solutions in a variety of applications.

JIRE10 - Silicon-based thermopile sensor

Silicon-based sensor elements, which are manufactured according to a fabless model.

JonDeTech design optimized based on customer requirements.

JIRS30 - A patented sensor for IR & Heat flow

Thermopile IR sensor based on nanotechnology.

The nanotechnology has enabled a vertical configuration of the sensor, instead of the traditional horizontal construction.

JIRS40 – Silicon-based sensor with an analog output signal

The JIRS40 is a packaged silicon-based IR sensor that is easy to use and optimized for applications that measure a temperature at a distance or detect human presence.

EVK for JIRS30

Evaluation Kit for JIRS30 that can be connected to a PC including Jondetech Sensors evaluation PC Tool.

EVK for JIRS40

Evaluation Kit for JIRS40 that can be connected to a PC including Jondetech Sensors evaluation PC Tool.”

Applications & Software

For key applications Jondetech offers customers unique SW and algorithms that is optimized based on Jondetech sensors in order to ensure great end-user experience and make it easy for customer develop new products.

Global presence & growth

In a world where electricity is a scarce resource, and battery-powered products are a necessity for our lives, we need to find new solutions to make battery use more efficient. The increased global demand for new ways to monitor, in order to improve, health over time plays an important role in the development of Jondetech sensors.

JonDeTech is a sensor technology company that develops products based on nanotechnology, with the goal of increasing energy efficiency and enable new innovating applications in consumer health-tech

As a company listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm, JonDeTech is a global player in the growing sensor market.

We continue to expand and create value for our customers and shareholders.


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Common Questions & Answers

Here you will find clear and informative answers to the most common questions about JonDeTech and our innovative products.

Do you have more questions that we don’t answer? contact us directly and we will help you get the information you need.

We differentiate ourselves from others through our nanotechnology-based IR sensor technology, which provides high precision and flexibility in its products.

Our sensors are used in many different applications, including consumer electronics, medical technology and industrial processes.

Contactless temperature measurement

The application can be used in many different application areas, such as non-contact temperature measurement with a mobile phone, temperature measurement in office buildings and homes. Temperature monitoring in production facilities, products and electrical installations.

Heat flux measurement (Heatflux)

Examples of applications include contact-based temperature measurement in smart watches, smart patches and wearables. Smart clothing / body heat flow monitoring in athletes, blue light personnel, military and divers. Measurement of heat flow through windows to more precisely regulate heating and AC, or automatic sun shading. Monitoring of heat flow in pipelines, chimneys or storage tanks. Overheating protection in products (batteries, consumer electronics, ball bearings)

Presence detection

Detection of body heat for use in, for example, the wake-up function for electronic equipment, presence detection for desktop computers and presence detection for regulating light in, for example, toilets.

Yes, JonDeTech has developed software like ‘Thermal Painter’ to integrate its sensors into smartphones.

Absolutely, JonDeTech offers customization options for its sensors to meet specific requirements and applications.

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