Transform your products with our sensors: Application Guide

JonDeTech is revolutionizing industries with its pioneering sensor technologies, JIRS30 and JIRS40, designed to provide innovative solutions across a diverse range of applications. From enhancing consumer electronics to advancing medical devices and streamlining access control systems, JonDeTech’s sensors are setting new benchmarks for efficiency, safety, and user experience.
Here’s how these sensors are being integrated into various sectors, making significant impacts:

Smart Watches and Earbuds (TWS)

The JIRS30 sensor is a game-changer in the wearable technology market. Embedded in smart watches and earbuds, this sensor performs dual functions—measuring core body temperature and detecting user presence. By analyzing heat flux and skin temperature, JIRS30 offers a non-invasive method to monitor vital health metrics such as stress levels and fever, adding immense value to health-conscious consumers.

Refrigeration Systems

In the realm of modern appliances, the JIRS40 sensor brings smart energy-saving technologies to refrigerators. This sensor detects the presence and absence of a person within a 2-meter range, enabling features like automatic lighting and display activation. Such functionalities not only enhance user convenience but also contribute to energy efficiency and improved food preservation.

Medical Thermometers: Ear and Forehead

The contactless capabilities of the JIRS40 sensor make it ideal for medical thermometers, where it measures body temperature by detecting infrared heat emitted from the ear or forehead. This non-invasive approach provides quick, accurate health assessments without discomfort, making it a preferred choice in healthcare settings.

Medical Plasters

Similarly, the JIRS30 sensor is vital in medical plasters for continuous monitoring of core body temperature. Placed directly on the skin, this sensor tracks heat transfer and skin temperature, providing crucial data for medical analysis without the invasiveness of traditional probes.

Lighting Systems

JIRS40 also finds applications in lighting systems, where it enhances efficiency and security by detecting human presence through thermal signatures. Unlike traditional motion sensors, JIRS40 can sense stationary presence, ensuring lights remain on when needed and off when not, thus conserving energy.

Access Control Systems

For security applications, the JIRS40 excels in access control systems. It enhances building security by accurately detecting human presence, supporting automated entry management, and preventing unauthorized access. Its ability to detect thermal signatures rather than relying solely on motion provides a significant advantage in maintaining secure environments.

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