What is an IR sensor?

An IR sensor element is an electronic component that responds to infrared radiation that the human eye cannot detect. These sensor elements are mainly used in products and applications that require the detection of heat radiation, for example temperature measurement, but can also be used to detect heat flows and gases.

Heatflux measurement
Our products can measure heat flow, which is the energy that flows through a certain surface per unit of time. Examples of application areas for heat flow measurement are measurement of body temperature, heat regulation in buildings, which can be made more precise and efficient with this technology.

Small is powerful.

JonDeTech offers a range of products and solutions for various applications.

After thirteen years of research, JonDeTech possesses world-leading know-how in vertically configured nanotechnological IR sensors. 

Today’s product can measure heat radiation and heat flow, which can be used for a number of different applications, including to measure body temperature and to make electronics more energy efficient.

Our silicon-based sensor element, JIRE10, is manufactured according to a fabless model. JonDeTech design that is optimized based on customer requirements and demands They are sold and will be distributed via JonDeTech’s own channels.

JonDeTech is not just a sensor technology company; it is a pioneering force that is changing the landscape of sensor technology. Their silicon-based sensor element, known as JIRE10, is the result of innovative thinking and technical expertise. 

But that’s not all. JonDeTech also has a valuable partner who has integrated the JIRE10 with an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). This partnership has resulted in Engineering Samples available to provide prototypes of the composite system for testing and evaluation. This is a testament to their commitment to offering high-quality and user-friendly products.

So what does this mean for you?

JIRE10 is now commercially available as a sensor element. This means that the innovative technology that JonDeTech offers is ready to revolutionize your business. And if you’re as excited as we are about the packaged solution, you won’t have to wait long. The goal is for it to be commercially available as early as Q2 2024. It is a time to look forward to as we look together to a future of even more advanced and reliable sensor technology. JonDeTech leads the way, and it’s a trip you don’t want to miss.

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For just over a decade, JonDeTech has researched a thermopile sensor sensor based on nanotechnology.
The nanotechnology has enabled a vertical configuration of the sensor, instead of the traditional horizontal construction.

The advantages of a vertical structure are that the hot and cold surface in the sensor are separated from each other as they are on the front and back of the sensor, thus the entire active hot surface can be used for detection. The vertical configuration also provides the possibility of using direct contact with the sensor, which was previously not possible. The configuration not only enables the measurement of temperature, but also heatflux.

The sensor generates a direct, proportional voltage when exposed to infrared radiation. The sensor records wavelengths from 250 nm – 22.5 μm, i.e. visible light up to the mid-infrared range. 
Despite the vertical configuration, the sensor measures only 0.17 millimeters in height and is made mostly of plastic. This makes the sensor robust and can be used “naked” – completely without a protective casing, which conventional sensors need. This provides new possibilities in application design, which may redefine today’s view of how to use sensors in a range of different solutions. The idea of ​​a bare sensor element can make the solution both more cost- and surface-efficient.
  • Designed to fit in – The sensor is only 0.17 millimeters thick, it is robust and bendable and can be made into any shape.
  • Easy to use – The sensors can be surface mounted on most circuit boards.
  • Multi-measurements – The sensor can be used to measure both heat radiation and heat flow (flux)
  • Market leader – JIRS30 is today the market leader in terms of performance and size compared to other heat flow sensors on the market.

The JIRS40 is a silicon-based IR sensor that is packaged and optimized for use in applications to measure a temperature at a distance or detect human presence. 

What does this actually mean? 

In a world where time and precision are of the utmost importance, the JIRS40 offers an invaluable solution for companies striving to improve their end products. This sensor has already been integrated with all the electronic components required for full functionality. 

So, what are the benefits of this? First of all, it saves time and resources for companies working in areas such as consumer electronics. Instead of spending valuable time integrating sensors manually, companies can focus on creating innovative and competitive products. This leads to faster development cycles and increased productivity.

But there is more. The JIRS40 is also versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. Whether it’s monitoring temperature changes in your electronic devices or optimizing the energy consumption of your product, the JIRS40 is ready to deliver the data you need to take your business to the next level.

Simple, effective and reliable

So, if you are looking for a simple, efficient and reliable solution to improve your product, then JIRS40 is the right choice. It is a prepackaged sensor product that is ready to make a difference in your business and help you reach new heights. Give your product the edge it deserves with JIRS40, and experience a future where technology and performance go hand in hand.

The application areas for IR sensors are many, but the applications that are best suited for JonDeTech’s sensors are above all where design flexibility is required due to lack of space and very high volumes, for example in integrations in smart devices where previous generations of IR sensors are too large, for fragile or too slow.

When the sensor is mounted on a flexible PCB, it can be mounted or glued to most surface materials. The sensor is robust and can be used without a protective cover. With proper design, it can be mounted directly on walls or glued to machine parts etc.

Areas of use:

Contactless temperature measurement

JonDeTech’s IR sensor has the ability to measure the temperature of a surface without being in direct contact with the object. This enables fast and accurate measurement in products such as e.g. ear thermometers, small handheld devices such as mobile phones and temperature monitoring in buildings and offices.

Presence and absence detection – JonDeTech’s IR sensors work perfectly to detect human presence and absence. The sensor does this by detecting the heat that a human body radiates and can thus distinguish between a person and other objects such as chairs or bags. This feature is vital when it comes to getting reliable presence detection in products like laptops, digital door locks or detecting when someone is sitting in a seat in a car or bus

Temperature monitoring inside products

JonDeTech IR sensor is very thin and robust, which enables use without encapsulation inside products to measure and monitor temperature of, for example, casings, batteries or other heat-sensitive electronics.

Contactless temperature measurement – Comfort temperature

Today we measure air temperature, but the air is heated by the objects in it. By measuring the “comfort temperature” – using radiation from walls, desks and other objects, when we measure the temperature, we can better predict whether the temperature in an area will rise or fall before it does. This application can be used in IoT and automotive applications as well as in mobile phones.

Measurement of body temperature – Because Jondetech’s sensors can measure heat flow with high accuracy in consumer products such as smart watches or other products that sit on the body enable the ability to measure the internal body temperature with high precision.

For customers that wants to evaluate the sensor or start developing an application it’s possible to order an Evaluation Kit. The evaluation kit consists of JIRS30 sensor board and a USB communication board that connects to a PC. The EVK also includes a PC tool that shows the heatflux value together with a number of predefined human core body temperature algorithms.

For customers that wants to evaluate the sensor or start developing an application its possible to order an Evaluation Kit. The evaluation kit consist of JIRS30 sensor board and a USB communication board that connects to a PC. The EVK also includes a PC tool that shows the temperature value together with a number of predefined human presence detection algorithms.

Want to download JonDeTechs Evaluation Tool?​

The JDT Evaluation Tool is a powerful PC application designed specifically to facilitate the testing and evaluation of JonDeTech's sensors. All you need is our Evaluation Kit (EVK), a USB cable, and a PC to get started.