Leif Borg Discusses Q1 2024

In a revealing interview, JonDeTech’s CEO, Leif Borg, provided valuable insights into the company’s performance for the first quarter of 2024 and outlined the strategic direction for the upcoming periods. Underlining the operational and strategic developments at JonDeTech, Leif Borg highlighted the intensive preparatory work that the company has undertaken to solidify its foundations for sustained growth and stability.

A lot of preparatory work has happened, and continues to happen, to ensure that we have a really solid operation for a long time to come,” said Leif Borg. This focus on strengthening internal processes is part of JonDeTech’s commitment to enhancing its operational backbone, ensuring the company can meet future demands efficiently and effectively.

Addressing the company’s future, Leif Borg made a pivotal statement that marks a significant shift in JonDeTech’s strategy: “JonDeTech is to become a company out in the market, not a research company.” This transition signifies JonDeTech’s evolution from primarily focusing on research and development to a vigorous emphasis on market presence, aiming to bring its cutting-edge sensor technology to a wider audience.

These strategic moves are designed to position JonDeTech as a leader in the sensor technology industry, not just as innovators, but as a robust market presence capable of driving technological adoption across various sectors.


See the full interview here (in swedish)



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