JonDeTech’s collaboration partner Cionlabs integrates sensors into customer project

JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) (“JonDeTech” or the “Company”) announces today that its partner, Cionlabs Private Limited (“Cionlabs”), has decided to evaluate JonDeTech’s sensors in a customer project with the intention of integrating the sensors into high-volume products within smart home electronics. Earlier this year, JonDeTech supplied evaluation kits (EVK) to Cionlabs.

Go To Market Strategy with Cionlabs
Since the turn of the year, the Company has been actively working to increase its presence in several new geographic markets through strategically selected distributors and product companies. The Company provides EVKs to strategic partners for testing and evaluation of the Company’s sensors without major investments. After several tests and evaluation processes of JonDeTech’s sensors, which have demonstrated high quality and good performance, the product company Cionlabs has decided to implement the sensors in customer projects.
One of the customer projects that Cionlabs has integrated JonDeTech’s sensors into concerns the development of next-generation smart biometric door locks.
Cionlabs is a product company that designs and manufactures electronic products for a large number of global customers. A positive outcome from the project could lead to JonDeTech’s sensors being integrated into several customers’ existing high-volume products.
“Our products are now out with distributors and product companies that are evaluating and testing our unique sensors that we have developed over several years – and now the results are coming in the form of customer projects. We have close dialogue with Cionlabs about integrating our sensors into other existing high-volume products after this initial project”, says JonDeTech’s CEO, Leif Borg.
“Earlier this year, we evaluated the sensors and are very pleased with the quality and performance. JonDeTech’s sensors match our product portfolio and our customers’ needs, and we therefore see potential in integrating JonDeTech’s sensors into several complex products which would facilitate our ability to develop new innovative products. We are engineers who love innovation and with JonDeTech’s sensors we can continue to develop the technology of the future”, says Cionlabs CEO Dr. Sanjay Ahuja.
Ongoing customer projects
“In addition to the collaboration with Cionlabs, several customer projects are ongoing through which JonDeTech’s sensors are being evaluated by product companies and distributors to be integrated into products within consumer electronics, industrial automation, the automotive industry, security and surveillance, and smart homes. The results from a couple of evaluation processes are expected to be presented by the end of Q3 this year”, says JonDeTech’s CEO Leif Borg.

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About JonDeTech
JonDeTech is a supplier of sensor technology. The company markets a portfolio of IR sensor elements based on proprietary nanotechnology and silicon MEMS. The nanoelements are extremely thin, built-in flexible plastic, and can be manufactured in high volumes at a low cost, which opens up for a variety of applications, such as temperature and heat flow measurements, presence detection, and gas detection. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

Mangold Fondkommission AB is the company’s Certified Adviser.

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